What is Kerala Elephant Case? Explained in Details


What is Kerala Elephant Case? – Sad news of cruelty has come from Mallapuram in Kerala, that cannot be believed. A pregnant elephant went to a village in search of food. Some people of that village fed her explosive-stuffed pineapple.

Kerala Elephant Case

This explosive-stuffed pineapple exploded in the stomach of the pregnant elephant due to which burning started in her mouth and stomach. The burning sensation was so high that the elephant stood overnight in a nearby river with its trunk and mouth in the water So that the burning sensation would end.

Forest officials tried their best to get the elephant out of the river. Two elephants were also brought to bring out that pregnant elephant, that elephant could pull it out and bring it out of the river. But they did not succeed.

Ultimately, the pregnant elephant died standing in the river. Later, the Forest officials gave the funeral to that elephant. This news went viral when Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan shared the incident on Facebook.

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Kerala Elephant Case




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