Ye Teri Galiyan 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update


Ye Teri Galiyan 11th September 2018 Written Episode – In this episode, Navodita is finding her kid. She comes to the party hall and starts shouting for the junior. Mr. Majumdar gets angry when she says that she left junior with massage lady, and also she says that it is Mausami who brought that lady. Mr. Majumdar gives a tight slap to his daughter Mausami. Mausami blames it on Navodita that she only deny seeing the face of that lady. Chanda comes on stairs with junior and shows her face to everyone.

Shantanu is very sad that he also wanted to join the party. Puchki goes to him. Shantanu is helpless. He scolds Puchki for coming there and ask her to leave but suddenly they heard the voice of Chanda. They also go to the hall.

Chanda threatens everyone to throw down junior if they will not accept Shantanu, specially Navodita. Navodita completely denies that she will never gonna love Shantanu, as he is not her child. Chanda is just trying to threatening but suddenly her foot slip and she left the trolley of junior. Junior is about to fall but Puchki and Shantanu come with a piece of bed sheet and carry junior. Navodita comes and take the child in her arms and scold Shantanu for touching him.

At Pari Mahal Mamuli provoke Thako ma for Chanda. She tells her about the last night incident happened between Chanda and Arvindam. How Chanda asks Arvindam to go instead of entertaining her. Thako ma gets angry and asks boys to bring Chanda.

At the party, police have been called but it is Puchki who request Mr. Majumdar to let Chanda go as she did not threw child intentionally. Arvindam younger brother also tells his father to let Chanda go because Puchki has saved the child. First of all, he doesn’t listen but after Puchki request him again and again he understands and ask the police to leave Chanda. He also cancels the Name selection process of junior and asks guests to leave.

After all the guests go, Mr. Majumdar warns Chanda to never ever come again and he is letting her go only for Puchki. Chanda and Puchki also go and after that Shantanu remember his rude behavior he did with her and he runs towards her but Arvindam stops him. Arvindam takes Shantanu upstair.


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