Ye Teri Galiyan 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update


In this episode Chanda is crying and remembering god. Beauty and Thako ma are scolding her. Suddenly other girls start making noise that media has come to their bada. Everyone goes out. Mr. Majumdar has come along with media. He announces that he is providing medical facilities for bada, because he is happy that he has got great grandson from bada. But Chanda called it show off.

Mr. Majumdar shows her papers in which Shantanu has got legal authenticity of Majumdar family. He also gives a cheque to Chanda. Thako ma allow her to take it. Puchki come and ask Mr. Majumdar to fulfill his promise of her admission in Shantanu’s school. He get agree but beauty accuse Thako ma and she come and ask media to turn off the camera. She tell Mr. Majumdar to stop show off and go away. Also she threatens him that if he will not go then she will tell media that Shantanu has blood relation with Majumdar family. They leave.
Navodita is watching news in which she watch everything happened at bada.

Mausami and her husband come to Navodita and talk about news. Navodita says that she will destroy Shantanu’s life.
Chanda is requesting Thako ma for Puchki’s education but Thako ma has been accused by Beauty and she start hitting Chanda. All other girls of bada also request her to let Puchki go to school but she threaten everyone and lock Chanda in a room.
Arvindam is consuming alcohol in his room. Navodita come and ask him reason.

Arvindam is very sad, he ask her reason of bad behavior with Shantanu. He also ask her why does she ordered Shantanu to break relation with Chanda and Puchki? Navodita try to understand but Arvindam is drunk and by mistake he call Navodita by name of Chanda. Navodita hit him to a wall and start creating drama. She scold him to call her Chanda. Arvindam has taken out pistol and point it to Navodita. She is scared


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